Global Assets and
Wealth Initiative

Business, government and intergovernmental leaders from over 1,000 organisations across 80 markets involved in Platinum Circle’s Future Global 100 Initiative called for greater collaboration and cooperation in building future economic, business and social wealth. As the future global economy unfolds, the awakening of a knowledge-service era, new indicators of competitiveness, redesign of value chains, industry disruptions, birth of new asset classes, pioneering business models, increasing consumer power and continuous technological innovations serve up a platter of new opportunities and challenges to building such wealth.

The Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW) answers the call by galvanising the Platinum Circle Community worldwide to identify and engage these opportunities and challenges at international, country and organisation levels. It also invites investors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, technologists, fund managers, philanthropists, regulators, policy makers and high net worth individuals from across industries and markets interested in doing more business, building more assets and creating more economic, business and social wealth together with Platinum Circle.

The GAW Initiative benefits all involved in many ways:

  • Governments may share their economic development plans, pro-business policies, foreign direct investment opportunities and industry promotions.
  • Small to large-cap listed companies may gain higher visibility with institutional investors, family offices, fund managers, stock brokers, industry professionals and private investors as well as announce their ability to deliver shareholder value and create additional liquidity in their shares.
  • Small to large privately held businesses including start-ups may showcase their products/services, raise capital from venture capital firms, private equity funds and private investors, and engage with stock exchanges and underwriters for initial public offers.
  • Entrepreneurs can showcase innovative business models and disruptive technologies, and access resources to push boundaries and create superior economic, business and social value.
  • Institutional and private investors can access a wider range of instruments, assets and opportunities across industries and markets to build, grow and preserve their economic, business and private wealth.

The GAW Initiative is effected through various programs including Councils that drive collaboration and cooperation across industry, markets and asset classes; showcase of top-performing public and private funds, fast growing companies, emerging industries, new asset classes; publications; a global community of affluent consumer-investors; and a series of forums in major cities around the world.

Hosted by Platinum Circle and supported by partners from government, IGOs and business, each forum delivers unparalleled investment knowledge and opportunities across asset classes and markets. Each forum also connects institutional, corporate, family office, government and individual investors from the Platinum Circle Community and around the world.

Platinum Circle

Platinum Circle is a leading global business group comprising of over 1,800 corporations, each with annual revenues exceeding USD100 million, governments and inter-governmental organizations in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

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The Global Assets and Wealth Forum will be attended by participants from the Platinum Circle community worldwide and invited guests. They include CEOs, policy makers, investors, business owners, family offices, fund managers, entrepreneurs, technologists and high net worth individuals from industry, governments and intergovernmental organizations in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.